/IIII\  ro  //| |I\  u /IIII\   r
   //   // fe  // \/ // s //    I  i
  /IIII// ss  //    // i //    // v
 //      io  //    // c //    // e  [EN]
//      nal //    //    IIIII/  r   [HTML]

Professional Music Driver (PMD) is a music driver developed by M.Kajihara which utilizes MML (Music Macro Language) to create music files for most Japanese computers of the 80s and early 90s.

This site contains a collection of English translation of PMD documentation files in HTML format. Those files are originally in Japanese and are based on ones found in commercial version 4.8o package for PC-98 DOS.

This site is hosted in GitHub Pages. You can visit the repository of this here for any corrections or suggestions.